About The Olive 3®

Our Mission

The Olive 3® was founded in 2005 by three of us sisters to deliver gifts of love, life and laughter, which is how we hope to differentiate ourselves from other conventional floral & gift companies. Even our names relate to flowers or have floral meanings. In fact, through the beautiful and natural world of flowers and fruits, we hope to touch the hearts of our customers and those whom they share our meaningful offerings with.

As our company name implies, the theme of our offerings centre around the Olive Tree, a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. We think the Olive Tree is indeed symbolic and representative of our mission to provide gifts that relate to “love, life and laughter”.

The Meaning of the Olive

Think of the special meaning that embodies the Olive throughout the course of history. The Olive features prominently in the bible both in the Old and New Testaments as a spiritual symbol of love and life where there are 25 references and 160 references to Olive oil. Interestingly, olive oil had four main uses during Biblical times: as food, for illumination, as ointment, and in the manufacture of soap.

“Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine in the sides of thy house; thy sons like olive-plants.”
Ps. 128:3

“His branches shall spread, and his honor shall be as the olive-tree.”
Hosea 14:6

Jesus and many Isaelite prophets went to Mount Olive to preach and worship. Even the Holy Quran has references to the Fig and the Olive (zaitun), which were indigenous to Syria and Palestine, and in abundance and quality, even till today.

Besides special religious and spiritual meanings, the Olive also held a special place in Ancient Greece. The olive wreath is in fact, a symbol of peace that evokes the sacred tree of the city of Athens, Greek democracy and civilization. Extending an olive branch traditionally signifies an offer of peace.

Our Offerings & Expertise

With a combined experience of more than 20 years in the industry, the company draws its mission and inspiration from the Olive Tree, a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. Following requests from our customers, we started our Wedding floral decoration service offerings in 2007, and have enjoyed working on all kinds of wedding projects since, from bridal flowers to church/ venue decoration and provision of music entertainment services.

Starting The Olive 3® is perhaps our most satisfying experience. We would like to dedicate this business to our mum and late dad who, like the Olive Tree, brought us life, showed us love and shared with us special moments of laughter. We hope to share this happiness and joy with you or your loved ones through our unique creations!