Customers’ Testimonials

The senders and recipients of our Surprise Delivery service share their experiences and thoughts below:

“My wife and I would like to offer our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to your team for making our Valentine’s Day so memorable. Your services are simply fabulous! We immensed ourselves completely in the lovey dovey atmosphere that your team has brought with your surprise delivery service. My wife was so touched that she wept with tears and joy as your saxophonist played the selected song. She was still giggling and smiling as we left for home after the event. If only I had known your services early, I would have engaged you in my marriage proposal. Once again, thank you for leaving us with such a fond memory of this occasion. ”

“Delivery of gift has always been about flowers, chocolates, and girly stuff. Finally, wives and girlfriends can express their appreciation and feelings for their partners through this innovative service. It was a delight to learn that my husband was touched by the saxophonist’s rendition of a favourite tune for our recent wedding anniversary… It is truly a unique experience and money well-spent!”

“I got a violinist to serenade to my husband on our wedding anniversary. He felt proud and couldn’t stop talking about the surprise delivery. I am very happy that he finds it so special.”

“My girl friend and I are very pleased with your surprise delivery service. Thanks a lot for bringing something so special for us.”

“A simple and remarkable surprise. Service was excellent. Once again, thank you for the surprise delivery!”

“The surprise was amazing. The lyrics coupled with words formed the perfect ambience and completely expressed what I wanted beyond any amount of words.”

“I was told that the recipient was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for coming up with this wonderful way of giving hampers and surprising the intended!”

“Thanks for the surprise delivery. You guys did a great job! My wife liked it, though she was a little embarassed towards the end.”

“Thank you so much for your speedy and prompt service! Nanz was very surprised and enjoyed it. Appreciate it.”

“…A pleasant and unique surprise. I think this idea will take off very well!”

“My family and I enjoyed the saxophonist performance very much. It was a very interesting and unique experience – one that I would never forget. Thanks for throwing in another song!”

“What an innovative way to give a present! It was a meaningful and memorable surprise.. This will surely change the way flowers and gifts are delivered.”

“At first glance, I thought this surprise delivery would be applicable only for romantic occasions. Until my son received the service as a Christmas present where a clarinettist played him a carol. He enjoyed and treasured it. Thanks for making it so special.”