Surprise Delivery

The Olive 3’s innovation is centred on our CREATION and DELIVERY of “gifts of love, life & laughter”, which includes The Olive 3 Surprise Delivery Service.

The Olive 3® Surprise Delivery Service

For the first time in Singapore, instead of having the regular delivery man – who might not necessarily share the joy of the occasion – deliver your gift, you have the option of sending a musician to present your gift and perform as a surprise.

So, if a gift brings delight and joy to the unsuspecting recipient, imagine the impact and the everlasting memories this would create. Read our customers’ testimonials or check out what the press is saying about us.

Click the following links to view the happy reactions of our recipients in these real-life examples: (Note: Clips have been shortened to reduce file size)

As part of this exclusive service, We will coordinate and plan a surprise delivery which includes a musical dedication by one of our Music Messengers conveying your greeting/ message through a song, whether it’s at home, in the office, the hospital or even at your favourite restaurant! And to top it all, we will present you with a digital photo of this special occasion.

All our Music Messengers are either professionally-trained or highly-skilled, so you can be ensured of a quality performance. You can choose to have a Solo or a Duet. The instruments our Solo musicians play include: Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute or Guitar (with vocals).

Who should choose a Surprise Delivery?

Our Surprise delivery service is perfect for you if you:

      • Want to create a lasting impression/ impact on your client, friend or colleague
      • Want to reinforce your relationship with your loved one
      • Are overseas, and want to show how much you miss your loved one
      • Have run out of gift ideas and want to stand out
      • Just want to do something crazy!

Our Surprise Delivery Services

Our Music Messenger will play (and sing, in the case of our Guitarist) two songs relevant to the occasion to accompany the delivery. Simply pick your recipient’s favourite instrument: Violin, Guitar (with vocals), Saxophone, Flute or Clarinet, and 2 songs from our repertoire, and we’ll do the rest! Kindly note that only Solo Guitar (with vocals) Surprise Delivery services are available from 10 – 14 February 2020.

Pamper your recipient – send two Music Messengers to serenade her/ him! Besides presenting the gift, our Music Messengers will perform two songs relevant to the occasion. Choose either our Guitarist twosome or Saxophonist & Guitarist duo. This service is not available from 1 – 29 Feb 2020.